How To Go Sevilla

How to go to Seville

Do you want to go to Seville? Good! It is a very impressive city, with spectacular momuments like The Giralda. But, how to get there? The city is well communicated, so it is not very difficult to travel there.

Where is Seville?

Seville is the capital of the autonomous region of Andalucia. Andalucia is in the south of Spain. So, you can find the city in the south of the Iberian peninsula. The Iberian peninsula is the zone when Spain and Portugal are.

How to go to Seville by plane

Seville has an international airport. If you live in one important city, maybe there is one direct connection. You can see a list of airlines operating at the city airport at the oficial page of the Airport.

The airport is no very big, so maybe you cant found a direct connection from your city. You can go to other Spanish city and then go to Seville. You have four possibilities.

How To Go To Seville By Plain
De CurimediaFlickr: Airbus A320-214 EC-HQJ Vueling, CC BY 2.0, Enlace

From Malaga

Malaga is the second biggest city in Andalucia. It has a bigger airport with more international connections. You can take a middle-distance train (AVANT) from Malaga to Seville. It takes two hours from one city to another.

From Barcelona

Barcelona is the second biggest city in Spain. It has a big airport with several international connections. You can go by train, but it takes six hours. But you can take a plane from Barcelona to Sevilla. It takes only two hours.

From Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain. It has a big airport with a lot of international connections. You can go to Seville by and high-velocity train, that takes two hours and a half to arrive. Also, you can take a plane from Madrid to Sevilla, which takes a similar time.

Other cities near Seville

Do you have time? You can visit several cities in Spain. There are several options, but the most recommended

Travel around Andalusia

Seville is the capital of Andalusia. There are more cities in this region of Spain that is worth a visit.

The most recommended travel for Andalusia is Seville-Cordoba-Granada. These other two cities have impressive Muslim monuments like the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba or the Alhambra of Granada. You can do a thematic trip to Andalusia with these three cities.

Mezquita Cordoba
De Timor Espallargas – Trabajo propio, CC BY-SA 2.5, Enlace

Also, you can visit Cadiz, a beautiful coastal city.

Travel around Spain

Spain is a country with a lot of history and places to see. You can include Seville on a bigger trip to this country. You have several options, but the more practical is to travel to Barcelona and Madrid.

Barcelona and Madrid are the two biggest cities in Spain. Madrid has a lot of buildings from the time of the old Spanish Empire. Barcelona has some of the more representative buildings of the “modernisme” (19th architecture). Both cities are well communicate between each other and with Seville.