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Giralda of Seville

The Giralda of Seville is the symbol of the City. This monument is the bell tower of the Cathedral. It was built in the Muslim period of the city

The Story of the Giralda of Seville

The construction of the Giralda begins in 1184 by the order of the caliph Abu Yúsuf al-Mansur. The Great Mosque has been built, but it has no minaret. The works finished in the next century, with the collocation of three bronze spheres at the top.

The catholic king Fernando III conquered the city in 1248. The Giralda remained unchanged until an earthquake destroyed the bronze spheres. The Christians put a cross in substitution. Finally, in the Renaissance, a new section with bells was built. Also, a weather vane was added to the Giralda. The people of Seville calls this weather vane “The Giraldillo”

The Giralda of Seville
De Diliff – Trabajo propio, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7805068

Where is the Giralda of Seville?

The Giralda is part of the Cathedral. It is in the center of the City, very well communicated. So, you have several ways to go here.

By metro: You have to take the line 1 (the only metro line at Seville) until the “Puerta Jerez” station.

By bus: You have to stop at “Jardines Cristina”. There are several bus line that arrives at this point. C4, C3, 5, 41, 42, C1 y C2.

By private car: The nearest parking is in “Avenida de Roma”.

By taxi/cab: There is a taxi stop in Avenida de Roma.

The zone is pedestrian, so you are going to need a little walk in all cases. Five or ten minutes.

What to see?

The best of this monument is that you can see the whole city from here. From the upper part of the tower, you will have impressive views of Seville.

You have to consider that there is no elevator in the Giralda and that you will have to take 35 ramps until the end. If you have mobility issues is better not to go up.

Also, if you want to see the Giralda or take a very good photo, the betters’ views of the monument are from the street “Mateos Gago”. There is a lot of bar o restaurants there, and it is a very good place to take a rest when knowing the city.

It is free to visit?

The entrance to the Giralda is included in the ticket to visit the Cathedral.

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